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WarwicksKids Book of the Month Club

The WarwicksKids Book of the Month Club!
What is WarwicksKids? An easy, convenient way to give books on a regular basis to a special child in your life. Choose to have books sent every month, bi-monthly, or just on birthdays and holidays.

How does WarwicksKids work? Fill out a WarwicksKids application telling us about your reader's age, hobbies, likes, dislikes, favorite authors/books. Indicate how much you would like to spend and authorize us to charge books and shipping to your credit card or Warwick's House Account. A Warwick's children's bookseller will then hand-select books for your child based on the interests you've listed. Once we've selected the perfect book, we'll send it to the child, gift wrapped with a personalized message from you!

Why should you join? To pass the pleasure of reading to a child and instill in them a life-long passion for the written word...also, just imagine the joy your gift will bring when your package arrives with a brand new book, chosen with your special reader in mind!

For more information on WarwicksKids, please call the book department at (858) 454-0347 or stop by to fill out an application today!