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Warwick's Wish Lists

How to Create, Modify, and Share Your Warwick's Wish Lists
Create a Wish List for a special event or occasion! Keep track of your To-Be-Read list. Let friends and family know what books you’d like for holidays and birthdays. Add books to your classroom, school library or build an online book fair. It’s easy to share your Wish List with a web link or email.

Start by logging into your Warwick's online account. Log into your account HERE or create an account HERE. Search for books in the search field (magnifying glass icon) or browse for a book HERE.

Find your first title and click 'Add to Wish List.' You’ll be prompted to choose a name for your new Wish List. Push the green 'submit' button. Continue to build your Wish List by adding titles in the search field or browse the site. 

Click on My Account ('person' icon). Click on ‘Wish List’. Select the Wish List you want to modify or share. You have these options:
Share Your Wish List
Wish List Settings
Email Your Wish List
Bulk Upload

IMPORTANT: As you make modifications, remember to always scroll down to the bottom of the field and click the green buttons labeled 'Update Wish List,' 'Save Settings,' 'Email Wish List,' and/or 'Save' to make sure your work is saved in the system.

Share Your Wish List
Click the green 'Get Shareable Link' button to copy a link that you can share with anyone. You can email your Wish List to up to 10 recipients at a time. 
It’s easy to remove titles from your Wish List, change quantities, or track books purchased. You can also download your Wish List as a spreadsheet by clicking the green ‘Download Wish List Spreadsheet’ button. 

Bulk Upload
If you have a list of ISBNs that you would like to add to a Wish List all in one swoop, this is a handy tool. Click 'Bulk Upload.’ You will see the ISBNs for the items that are already on the Wish List in this field. You can edit, add, delete or rearrange the entries in this form. When adding items in this field, enter one ISBN per line. Please be careful: if you delete any ISBNs and save your work, it will remove those books from your list.
Remember to click the green 'Save' button to save your work!

Please feel free to email any questions about Wish Lists to, or call our Book Department.