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Reading Group Program

Reading groups are a great way to share your love of books by discussing your reading experiences with others. Because Warwick's shares your passion for books, we encourage you to register your Reading Group with us, which allows your reading group members to receive a 20% discount on group reading titles. We love to share our resources with fellow book lovers:

  • Would you like an author to visit your reading group personally? It's possible if you are a Warwick's registered reading group. Our events coordinator will contact your reading group whenever a touring author is in the area and available to make a visit.
  • Need help selecting reading titles for your reading group? No problem. Our booksellers are well-read and well versed in books that are sure to generate stimulating discussion. They are happy to make recommendations at any time upon request. In addition, our booksellers host the ever-popular Reading Group Night. This venue allows our booksellers and fellow reading group members to share in an evening of lively exchange about literary works recommended by book reviews, customer feedback, and what we at the store can't put down.

There is no charge to register your Reading Group at Warwick's. All we need is a complete list of your members' names, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers, a list of the books that you plan to read for the next few months, the organizer's name, e-mail address, and telephone number, and your reading group name. We will then provide you with discount cards to distribute to your members (members must have the card with them at the time of purchase in order to receive the 20% discount).

Also, are you looking to join a bookblub or for tips on how to get one started? Check out The Reader's Circle! They are a non-profit site that helps with exactly that.