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Word Wise

Will Jelbert

Warwick’s presents
Will Jelbert
in conversation with Maryam Mallic

Word Wise

Monday, November 9, 2020 - 5:00pm PST

Word Wise
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This is a virtual event on Facebook Live.

On Monday, November 9th at 5:00pm PST Warwick's will host Will Jelbert as he discusses his new book, Word Wise: Say What You Mean, Deepen Your Connections, and Get to the Point, in conversation. Will Jelbert is a writer, communications consultant, and coach working with companies, communities, and individuals, and the author of The Happiness Animal. He has spent the last eight years in the U.S., the U.K., and Australia researching the links between language, human connection, and happiness.

Supercharge your speech to get what you want out of every conversation with this fun and practical guide to verbal vividness.

An eye-opening guide on how we talk and write to one another, Word Wise explores 400+ of the most common cases of word trash (filler words, hyperbole, and abstractions) and word power (verbs of action, ear candy, onomatopoeia). Examining social media, the language of Donald Trump, AI language research, and heard-on-the-street lingo, communication expert Jelbert offers simple and concrete recommendations for improving your own vernacular.

With wit, practical applications, and a small dose of nitty-gritty grammar, Word Wise will help you communicate more effectively at home, at work, and online.

Maryam Mallic is a customer success and account manager at a global data provider. She is also an aspiring baker and enjoys speaking about food and offering cooking demonstrations on social media, as well as being a regular home chef for her family.

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ISBN: 9780762499687
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Published: Running Press Adult - October 20th, 2020