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No Job for a Man

John Ross Bowie

Warwick’s presents
John Ross Bowie

No Job for a Man

Wednesday, November 9, 2022 - 7:30pm PST

7812 Girard Ave
La Jolla, CA 92037
No Job for a Man
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On Wednesday, November 9th at 7:30pm Warwick's will host John Ross Bowie as he discusses and signs his new book, No Job for a Man: A Memoir. John Ross Bowie is perhaps best known for playing recurring villain and fan favorite Barry Kripke on the international hit televion show The Big Bang Theory. He also recently co-starred as Minnie Driver's husband, Jimmy DiMeo, on ABC's Speechless. John has appeared on the television shows Veep, Fresh off the Boat, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Brooklyn 99, CSI, and Glee, among many others, and in movies such as Road Trip, The Heat, He's Just Not That Into You, The Santa Clause 3, Jumanji: The Next Level, and the cult hit What The Bleep Do We Know? Prior to his acting career, John was a contributing writer for the New York Press and has since written and developed television scripts for several major networks. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Jamie Denbo and their two children and he thinks an author bio on a memoir is a real “hat-on-a-hat” situation.

From his earliest memories of watching Rhoda with his parents in their tiny Hell's Kitchen apartment, John knew that he wanted to be an actor. The strange, alternate world of television - where people always cracked the perfect joke, lived in glamorous Upper East Side buildings, and made up immediately after fighting - seemed far better than his own home life, with a mother and father on the brink of divorce and a neighborhood full of crumbling pre-war architecture and not-so-occasional muggings. And yet that other world also seems unattainable. Besides crippling stage fright (which would take him years to overcome) John's father, ever aloof and cynical, has instilled within him the notion that acting is "no job for a man."

His father would impart that while theater, film, and television should be consumed and even debated, to create was no way to make a living or support a family. Putting aside his acting dreams, John stumbles through his twenties. He tries his hand at teaching and other traditional occupations, but nothing feels nearly as fulfilling as playing with his fleetingly on-the-map punk band, Egghead.

When the band breaks up, John lands a joyless job copywriting for a consulting firm and slips into a dark depression. He loses weight, begins drinking heavily, and his relationships flounder.

But everything changes when John discovers improv (and anti-depressants). As an early student of New York’s now-famous Upright Citizens Brigade, John not only explores his passion for acting and comedy—and begins to envision himself doing so professionally—he also finds a community and a unique stability in instability.

No Job for a Man follows John’s journey as he tries to make it in the arts, meeting success and failure, wins and losses, despair and hope along the way. Though his father chronically refuses to acknowledge pride in his adult son’s accomplishments, John comes to his own idiosyncratic version of being a man.

No Job for a Man: A Memoir By John Ross Bowie Cover Image
ISBN: 9781639362462
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Published: Pegasus Books - November 1st, 2022