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The Interpretation of Dreams (Kobo eBook)

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A groundbreaking work by Sigmund Freud that explores the nature of dreams and their significance in psychoanalysis. In this book, Freud introduces his theory of the unconscious mind and how it influences our dreams, desires, and behavior. He also explains his methods for interpreting dreams and how they can reveal deep-seated psychological issues and conflicts. Published in 1899, The Interpretation of Dreams remains an important work in the field of psychology and a testament to Freud's enduring influence on the study of the human mind.• A groundbreaking work in the field of psychology.• Provides an in-depth analysis of dreams and their significance.• Provides a detailed exploration of Freud's psychoanalytic theory in relation to dreams.• Includes numerous clinical case studies that illustrate how dreams can be used to uncover unconscious thoughts and feelings.• An essential reading for anyone interested in the history of psychology or the evolution of psychoanalytic theory.