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The Queen's Device (Paperback)

The Queen's Device By Brittany Mack Cover Image
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A tournament to rule. An unlikely alliance. And a monarchy built on secrets...

Following the death of the country's only heir, eighteen-year-old Corinn Januski is invited to fight for a crown she doesn't deserve. The conditions are simple: win this tournament to rule the nation, or endure a lifelong punishment. All too eager to escape her place at society's bottom, Corinn risks her future and accepts the improbable task.

She travels into the heart of Their Majesties' domain to face her opponents for a spot on the throne. During her trials, she can't seem to escape Griff Howard, a stranger who reveals that Corinn has been illegally linked to his family for years. Corinn dismisses her dangerous connection to Griff, but when the tournament turns lethal, she's forced into a tenuous alliance with him.

As lines blur between truth and lie, Corinn and Griff become tangled in a game of secrets and manipulation, playing against the nation's most dominant forces, including the monarchy itself.

Under scrutiny as they vie for the crown, the pair must unearth the royal bloodline's secrets in order to save their country... though a single misstep will bring their shared demise.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798990073715
Publisher: Fortitude Press LLC
Publication Date: May 21st, 2024
Pages: 454
Language: English