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Emmy's Diary: A Day on the Family Farm (Large Print / Hardcover)

Emmy's Diary: A Day on the Family Farm By Rb Weis Cover Image
By Rb Weis
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��������"Emmy's Diary: A Day on the Family Farm" is a touching story about Emmy, a young Filipino-American Girl who starts a new life in America. The tale revolves around her visit to her grandparents' beloved farm, creating a day full of unforgettable moments.��������

��������Key Points: ��������

  1. Cultural Shift: Emmy's journey from the Philippines to America is explored, showing her mix of excitement, nervousness, and longing for her grandfather's farm.
  2. Cherished Memories: Emmy warmly remembers her time with Islao, a gentle carabao, highlighting the enduring power of childhood memories.
  3. Connection with Animals: Emmy quickly bonds with Sugar, an energetic golden retriever, symbolizing the potential for new friendships and the joy animals can bring.
  4. Farm Life Lessons: Through Emmy's experiences, readers learn important values like hard work, cooperation, empathy, and the benefits of hands-on learning through farm chores.
  5. Vivid Illustrations: The book is adorned with lively illustrations that bring the farm's residents and landscapes to life, enhancing the storytelling.
  6. Universal Themes: The story touches on universal feelings like missing loved ones and the strength of family bonds.
  7. Shared Meal: The story concludes with a meal prepared with love, emphasizing the warmth and comfort of family connections.
  8. Moral Lessons: The story imparts valuable moral lessons, including the importance of hard work, cooperation, gratitude, and the impact of creating lasting memories with loved ones.
  9. Celebration of Family: "Emmy's Diary" celebrates family, friendship, and the magic of everyday life, resonating with readers of all ages.
  10. Lasting Impact: The lessons from Emmy's experiences stay with readers long after the story ends, making it a cherished addition to any library.
  11. Self-expression and Reflection: Emmy's diary serves as a powerful tool for her to navigate her emotions, making her journey relatable and inspiring. It encourages readers to consider the impact of documenting their own experiences, fostering a deeper appreciation for storytelling and personal reflection.
  12. Roots of Food: Emmy learns about milking cows, gathering eggs, and the importance of family farms in understanding where our food comes from.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798987877210
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: We-Is Rnb LLC
Publication Date: October 1st, 2023
Pages: 32
Language: English