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Growing into the Gray: Reflections on Transforming Trauma for Women and the World (Paperback)

Growing into the Gray: Reflections on Transforming Trauma for Women and the World By Laurie Lee Davidson Cover Image
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Evocative reflections on trauma, somatic healing, and the state of the world deliver a universal message of profound hope: we can heal.

For many, the experience of trauma is hidden away, all too often shrouded in secrecy, silence, and even shame. But trauma isn't an isolated experience, something that happens "out there to other people." It's part of our human condition, embodied within us individually and collectively. And, as Laurie Lee Davidson boldly asks, "Shouldn't we be talking about this?"

From the microcosm of personal transformation to the macrocosm of global healing, Growing into the Gray is equal parts life story and social prescription. Laurie demystifies the meaning of trauma and invites readers to view their lives and our world through a new lens, that of the body, offering a vision for openhearted living in complex times. Her expertise is born from lived experience, and she holds nothing back, taking us deep inside her own story. Vivid, at times raw, often humorous, and laced throughout with compassion, Growing into the Gray calls for us all to wake up from the unconscious grip of fear, face and heal our past wounding, and use the power of our newfound wholeness for the benefit of ourselves, each other, and our precious planet.

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ISBN: 9798986122601
Publisher: Ample Waves Press
Publication Date: August 21st, 2022
Pages: 230
Language: English