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These Treacherous Lies (Hardcover)

These Treacherous Lies By Siri Sandford Cover Image
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This young adult, epic fantasy romance, is the sequel to These Shattered Truths. Find out if the friends to lovers remain enemies or find their way back to one another in, These Treacherous Lies, book two of The Sonder Trilogy.
THE HEIRESS - DESTINED TO RULE A REGION FOREVER IN FLAMEAva has found refuge with her sister in Goldryn. There she awaits the nightmares to end and the memories to trickle back in. Stygian wants to form an alliance with Wyntryn, but Ava can't take that risk. Her constant refusals lead to her sanctuary becoming a prison. Her only way to escape is to hope that her guard, Aliras, is willing to dive with her into the depths of a terrifying sea.
THE SPARROW - A MASTER OF THE SWORD AND MINDRaiden struggles to let go of Ava and live with his mistakes. In order to save Wyntryn, he has decided to continue his search for the talismans of Wyntryn. When he gets his hands on the dragon scale, he doesn't expect the power to become dangerous. It begins to corrupt his mind, and if he can't get a hold of this darkness, it might destroy him before he can apologize to Ava.
THE HIGH LADY - PLAGUED BY VISIONS OF THE FUTUREWillow has seen visions of the future. Prophecies that call for a coming war. She knows there is no way to escape the regions tearing each other apart, but she can find a way to lessen the damage. When she discovers the Drogon Insurgency, hidden beneath the floorboards of a pub, she knows what she must do-become one of them and destroy the talismans.
With fire and lightning, the heiress and the sparrow fight for the region they call home.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798985726237
Publisher: Siri Sandford
Publication Date: October 1st, 2022
Pages: 406
Language: English