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Quantum Physics for Beginners: Discover All the Secrets of Quantum Physics, Understand the Theory of Relativity and Make the Law of Attraction Work f (Paperback)

Quantum Physics for Beginners: Discover All the Secrets of Quantum Physics, Understand the Theory of Relativity and Make the Law of Attraction Work f By Stephen J. Boyle Cover Image
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Are you desperately looking for someone who can explain to you in a simple way quantum physics, the theory of relativity, and the various essential ideas in this field?

If you are a fan of this topic and want to understand more clearly the actual functioning, scientifically explained, of these mechanisms, then you can stop looking; you have come to the right place.

Quantum physics represents one of the significant scientific and cultural revolutions in human history. Much of modern technology and understanding of physical reality is based on it.

Quantum physics represented a real cultural revolution as it predicts the behavior of particles that radically contradicts the way of understanding everyday reality and the assumptions on which all previous physics was founded.

This complete guide is what you need to understand once for all quantum physics and all the main concepts and theories. Above all, it makes all of this with simple, easy-to-understand explanations; you don't have to be Einstein to understand its meaning

In this book, you will:

- Find an Easy-to-Understand Explanation about Quantum Physics and Its Link with the Human Brain from consciousness to long-term memories. The human brain has some peculiar computing abilities, and they could be explained by quantum fuzziness.

- Clearly Understand What the Law of Attraction Is and How It Is Connected to Quantum Physics to help you better manipulate your physical reality when you are in an inspired state or generally adopt a positive attitude.

- Discover Practical Applications Of Quantum Theory to help you find definitive solutions to the essential human needs with the power of your mind, mental actions, and exercises.

- Learn Everything about The Law of Attraction and How It influences your daily life to clearly understand there is a power within you to attract and manifest your deepest desires. It works when you tune your thoughts and actions to the frequency in harmony with what you desire.

- Realize How Quantum Physics Is Important for The Development of Technology. Thanks to the invention of the laser and the transistor, both products of quantum theory, almost every electronic device you use today is an example of quantum physics in action.

- ... & Lot More

To truly manifest what you want in the world, not only do you have to desire it, but you have to behave, think and make decisions as if that something is already confirmed and you know you deserve it.

Quantum physics governs the way the universe behaves at the scale of atoms, electrons, and photons, put the rules of this quantum world to the test, and devise ways to stretch their boundaries.

Quantum Physics will help in the future in many ways and will impact many sectors, including healthcare, energy, finance, security, and entertainment.

Be part of this future

Order Your Copy Now and Discover How Quantum Physic is Already Affecting Your Life

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ISBN: 9798731817417
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2021
Pages: 138
Language: English