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Cricut Explore Air 2: A very simple guide to learn how to set up your cricut machine and start creating from today amazing projects. Master (Paperback)

Cricut Explore Air 2: A very simple guide to learn how to set up your cricut machine and start creating from today amazing projects. Master By Lara Craft Cover Image
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Do you own a fantastic new Explore Air 2?

Are you eager to get started using your new Cricut machine to design all sorts of exciting projects?

If YES, then keep reading...

The Cricut Explore Air 2 machine is a great and reliable tool to get you started in DIY crafting. It is an excellent machine if you are working with paper, vinyl, and cardboard. It can work with other materials like wood, leather, and more. I would suggest mastering them first and then moving on to the exotic.

The price is reasonable, and the accessories are the cheapest on the market. It's simple and easy to use thanks to the intuitive Design Space software.

With the Explore Air 2 you now have even more capacity to create and design and with this book you can develop your skills with chapters that cover:

Why is this machine so popular?

✓ The Cricut Explore Air 2 is your DIY cutting machine. It will flawlessly cut over 100+ different types of materials including premium vinyl, iron-on and htv vinyl, cardstock, faux leather, adhesive foils, specialty paper, poster board, and more

✓ The Cricut Explore Air 2 makes it so easy to create a wide arrange of DIY projects. Make custom stickers, personalized home decor, home-made gifts and party favors, unique greeting cards, custom-designed apparel, and more

✓ Upload or create and design your images for free from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone using Cricut's free design software design space. Enhance your design space experience by subscribing to Cricut Access, Cricut's vast library of over 100,000 images, fonts, and make it now projects and designs

✓ BECOME A PART OF A COMMUNITY: We know it can be intimidating to start creating your first DIY projects, so don't do it alone. When you buy a Cricut you become part of a close-knit community of crafters, makers, and DIYers. There are dozens of groups across all social media platforms that allow our members to share tips, ask for help, and share their projects and inspiration with an amazing community

Moreover, in this book you can also find:

  • How to get the most from your Cricut Explore Air 2
  • Why the Cricut Explore Air 2 is the best machine for beginners
  • Craft ideas to get you started
  • How to maximize your Cricut machine
  • Tricks to improve your work with Cricut Explore Air 2
  • Troubleshooting tips and tricks
  • Learn how to clean Explore machine
  • FAQs and much more

Cricut explore air 2 cuts rapidly and precisely more than 300 hundred materials, from the most sensitive paper and fabric to the extreme stuff like matboard, leather, and basswood. It handles fabrics, leather, writing, and balsa wood with easy exactness. What is more, puts more innovative prospects than any time in recent memory readily available.

Are you ready to enjoy this incredible machine?

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ISBN: 9798684989049
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 15th, 2020
Pages: 166
Language: English