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Fathers Like Our Father (Paperback)

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Fathers Like Our Father is a book written to help young men, who like may have grown up without their father being present in their life. It tells the story of Tyler Patterson, who grew up in a single parent household in the small town of Blossom, Texas. It tells of his life growing up, and all of the struggles, heartache, and pain that he dealt with as the result of being in a fatherless home. It tells the story of God coming into his life at his darkest moments, and how his wife made sure that he stayed on track, and stayed anchored in his faith and his personal relationship with God.

Fathers Like Our Father also tells about things that the author has learned, and continues to learn about being the best Christian father, and husband he can be. It describes his early struggles in fatherhood, and how once again God put him back on the track he needed to be on.

This piece also reaches out in the final chapters to young men like the author, letting them know that not only is it not their fault that their father isn't around, but it also does not mean that they are any less usable, or loved by God. It does not mean that they must fall in line with statistics, and that they will never be able to establish success in their life, and a life and foundation that is rooted in the word of God. It tells them of how they do have a Father in heaven, who loves them unconditionally, and he can help them through the pain, anger, and heartache that they feel.

Fathers Like Our Father follows a timeline of the author's life in a sequence of a few short chapters leading up to the main chapter that supports the books title, as well as closing chapters that are addressing the readers.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798218104139
Publisher: Tyler Patterson
Publication Date: November 5th, 2022
Pages: 52
Language: English