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The Choice: Marked Book 3 (Hardcover)

The Choice: Marked Book 3 By Nicole Green Cover Image
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The prophecy has begun, tying TJ down for the first time in centuries. Tying him to two young women who hold the fate of Islandrial in their hands. Tying him to two women who have no memory of him, even though he remembers them both so vividly. He wishes he didn't. He has wished it a thousand times over. Has tried to forget that day, that night, her. Now, he has no choice, but to face her. His choice to make sure she lives this time - that they both do, because without them, without her, making a choice, uninfluenced by Atropos, they are all doomed.

It shouldn't be that hard, it shouldn't take that long. Only a handful of months, a year at most - the blink of an eye to a fallen angel. At least that's what TJ tells himself, but a lot can happen in a few months, like getting trapped in storms, being chased by Mitchie's Shadar's, forgotten warnings, and misplaced memories coming to light.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798218077174
Publisher: Imagined Worlds
Publication Date: November 1st, 2022
Pages: 456
Language: English