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The Mind of Your Dog - Understanding the Psyche and Intellect of Mans' Best Friend (Paperback)

The Mind of Your Dog - Understanding the Psyche and Intellect of Mans' Best Friend By James Austin Vanderbilt Cover Image
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Discover the secrets of how your dog interprets the world around them and how they relate to you using their remarkable keen senses

Have you ever wondered about the thoughts occurring inside your dog's brain? What goes through their mind when they're introduced to new people or other pets? It's so interesting to witness. Such intelligent creatures, they know to bring you their leash when they want to be walked around the neighborhood and how to get your attention if they need a potty break or even if they want a treat. Dogs know and adhere to our cues and commands like a first language in some cases. It's pretty incredible how much dog's and humans have learned to understand each other over the centuries. It's no wonder why our four pawed furry friends are referred to as "Man's Best Friend". They want to be by our side and we want to be by theirs. Almost 80 percent of dog owners would give their life for their pets. Many of us consider our pups to be our children or part of our family, so much so that even the law recognizes dogs as family.

You can find the study of dog psychology and cognitive abilities dating back as far as 1964. Since it's conception there have been numerous studies in this field, expanding the mysterious and beautiful topic of a dog's brain innerworkings.

In an article published in the New York Post of 2000 pet owners, 42% polled that household messes, bad behaviors and messy antics are the #1 reason for giving away their pets. Other key factors are attributed to boredom or just needing physical or mental stimulation according to Dr. Lisa Lippman, lead veterinarian at Fuzzy Pet Health.

Luckily for us, dog psychology is well researched and is key in guiding anyone - yes even you - on the sensational and mysterious journey of a dogs mind.

In The Mind of Your Dog, you'll discover:

  • How to keep your dog calm, occupied and content while you're away during the day
  • The traits of specific dog breeds and personalities
  • How your dog talks back to you
  • The dog and human relationship and how we benefit one another
  • Understand the world from a dog's perception

And much more

To benefit and guarantee the Human and Dog relationship aspirations for future triumphs and bonding, years of scientific training methods have been developed by studying the brains and psychology of dogs that has made this venture much easier-to-follow.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9798201728731
Publisher: James Austin Vanderbilt
Publication Date: April 6th, 2022
Pages: 210
Language: English