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Big Boys Cry (Hardcover)

Big Boys Cry By Jonty Howley Cover Image
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“Levi is about to spend his first day at a new school, and he’s scared! ‘Big boys don’t cry,’ his father tells him as he sends him on his walk to school. But as he walks, Levi encounters a fisherman, a harpist, Army men, a biker man, all sorts of men, and to his surprise, for some reason or another, they are all crying! This charming and funny book has a warm illustration style and will help teach kids that expressing emotion is healthy, while at the same time making them chuckle at how everyone Levi encounters is tearing up.”
— Jen Manglass, Odyssey Bookshop, South Hadley, MA

Product Details
ISBN: 9789864403530
ISBN-10: 9864403532
Publisher: Wei Jing
Publication Date: December 25th, 2020
Language: Chinese