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Getting it Right @ 60 (Paperback)

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"Getting it Right@60" - A Common Man's Perspective There are a lot of books available on life after retirement but I wanted to write one from the perspective of a common man. This is a book for every Common Man who is already retired or retiring. Common Man is conceived as one from the middle class, a person who has spent all this time in doing his job diligently and honestly but in this process could not pursue his hobbies. He could as well not nurture well his family and personal relationships, despite a strong inclination and all resources at his disposal. While definition of Hobby is so wide, encompassing anything and everything, it is at the same time, difficult to identify one's hobby at-least amongst middle class Indians, for giving it its due after he is retiring. At this stage of life, most of them are unaware about the areas which give them passion and enchantment. This book will help readers from middle class society, address this dilemma. An attempt has also been made to address issues of various fears in the mind of retiring persons as regards their health, finances, uncaring children, unsettled children, sexlessness, loneliness etc. Once retired, with all the time in the world, and limited responsibilities, sometimes, we find ourselves lost in search of purpose. This book will address this aspect of dilemma also. It is endeavoured that each page of this book connects well with senior citizens and interests them. I would not claim that my readers will find some startling revelations about happy retired life from this short book, but I am confident that once a reader reads this, he will be better equipped to lead a more fulfilling retired life. I hope my honest attempt will provide readers with inspiration and zeal to re-prioritise their journey of life, and take retirement as a chosen milestone to start attending to one's non lucrative but highly satisfying pursuits.

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ISBN: 9788194778066
ISBN-10: 8194778069
Publisher: Sankalp Publication
Publication Date: October 1st, 2020
Pages: 166
Language: English