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Red Till Your Dead: A True Story with Answers! Brain Injury Addiction/Blood Sugar Autoimmune/Immune Divorce Job Toxins/Viruses Love Our Le (Paperback)

Red Till Your Dead: A True Story with Answers! Brain Injury Addiction/Blood Sugar Autoimmune/Immune Divorce Job Toxins/Viruses Love Our Le Cover Image
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This book is about an international healthcare executive who had everything and lost it all from building stress to a horrific accident that fractured his skull. With 5.3 million Traumatic Brain Injuries and unknown to many in the medical community, lead to an autoimmune attack on the brain. This story is about starting in traditional healthcare and discovering a new emerging science called Functional Medicine, with a passion to change lives. How I ended up speaking and educating to doctors all over the world, yet not being able to save myself. Not only learning new science in Functional Medicine, but that health is mind, body and spirit. How I broke and lost my family, dream home and going from first class travel all over the world, to crawling on motel floors staring at roaches to even a stint in jail. How I discovered I had developed an autoimmune condition, where my immune system was attacking my brain. The road back and finding answers to brain, injuries, autoimmune disease, blood sugar disorders and why 6 in 10 people now have chronic disease conditions. With new science and answers to the standard of care. It's also beautiful love story and discovering health is also beyond the billions of toxins we are now faced with each day. Our health can be greatly altered by having our lifestyle, spirituality, marriages and careers in disarray and not only the mental but physical toll it takes on our bodies. How I experienced them all and came back a stronger better healthier human. How I met my new wife whose husband passed away from the same accident I had in the same week, month and year and why I lived and possibly to share my own life story and a new advanced degree in healthcare of understanding the meaning and answers to health. Red till Your Dead is because Red symbolizes the areas that greatly affect our lives. 5.3 million with brain injuries(blood), 80 million prediabetic, 25 million diabetic (blood sugar), autoimmune/immune (Tainted blood), 50% of people will go through divorce (heartbreak), 70% of people are dissatisfied with their jobs (lost the heart for work), 19 million suffer from addiction (Red Wine-alcohol, drug), The Blood of Christ and proof of God's existence. It also touches on the current Coronavirus and our legal system with 2.2. million people with Coronavirus and 122,000 deaths and 2.4 million incarcerated with 124,000 innocent. Scary similarities - Findings and answers to our healthcare and legal system. This is a 2-part book of an amazing true story and ending as a self-help book with chapters having answers from science, studies and personal experience on all the areas that effect our health and happiness today.

About the Author

Scott Bukow graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a degree and desire to get into healthcare. With an additional passion to see the world, he opened an International Export Business and along the way discovered what is called Functional Medicine. He became an executive with the largest Functional Medicine company in the U.S. and merged his business to develop a global presence for the company. For 20 years he developed business and educated physicians on Chronic Health conditions and new science in Functional Medicine in Europe, South America, Asia and other parts of the world. At the top of his career, he broke from stress and suffered a horrific accident that almost took his life and fractured his skull in multiple areas. After being discharged from the hospital, he was told nothing about brain injuries and the long-term effects. He developed an autoimmune condition which was attacking his brain. After being misdiagnosed and a few years of isolation and brain deterioration, he found new science in neurology that discovered his autoimmune condition and brought back a full recovery. After making a full recovery he went back to the corporate world educating physicians about blood sugar, autoimmune, brain injuries and GI disorders. Along the way he searched for an advanced degree in healthcare that combined his Functional Medicine experience with the fastest growing integrative nutrition school in the world. His certification is now acknowledged by The American Medical Association as a need and answer to looking at health from both the science of nutrition combined with addressing our mental and spiritual health as a key to health, healing and happiness. He resides in Southern California with his wife. He continues educating in the corporate world to doctors, as well as a side practice of seeing patients to use his 25 years of experience, his personal journey and certification to help prevent people from chronic health issues or turn them back to whole health.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781984586667
ISBN-10: 1984586661
Publisher: Xlibris Us
Publication Date: July 8th, 2020
Pages: 248
Language: English