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Ms. Danner's Advice: A Practical Guide to Rebellious Teaching (Paperback)

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In this wacky, renegade teacher handbook, the delightful Ms. Danner offers advice on how to tell which colleagues are deadbeats, how to join a committee and never attend, how to get the ultimate revenge on a student, how to survive a fieldtrip gone south, and why you should go ahead and teach Lolita. More than an irreverent, sassy read, this book has brains and a heart: Ms. Danner explains why you can't fall in love with a class, and how to let go when you inevitably do. A must-read for anyone who has ever taught, gone to school, or loved a teacher.

About the Author

Abra K. Manchester has been a high school teacher for over 25 years, and she'll keep teaching "until it ain't fun anymore". She is also the author of a middle-reader fantasy, The Eye of Isidora, and is currently at work on a stage adaptation of Ms. Danner's Advice for The Theater Project in Brunswick, Maine.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781977949639
ISBN-10: 1977949630
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 8th, 2017
Pages: 256
Language: English