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Mommy's Hair is Everywhere!: A Tangled Tale of Motherly Love (Hardcover)

Mommy's Hair is Everywhere!: A Tangled Tale of Motherly Love By Radwa Ali, Christy Venarchick Cover Image
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Why is mommy's hair everywhere?

Mommy's Hair is Everywhere tells the story of a young child who notices their mother's hair in unexpected places, from breakfast to bath time. The lively, rhyming narrative captures the child's bewilderment as they find hair on their toys, clothes, and food. The illustrations, filled with color and humor, bring the child's world to life and make the book perfect for reading aloud with young children.

The story takes the child through various encounters with their mother's hair, at one point discovering it in the family dog's poop Feeling upset, the child confides in their mother about the hair they've been finding everywhere, only to discover the truth of what all that hair really means.

As a heartwarming and amusing tale, "Mommy's Hair is Everywhere" teaches young readers the importance of understanding and appreciating the love and care provided by their mothers. The whimsical narrative and endearing illustrations make it an engaging read-aloud for children and their caregivers, providing an opportunity to bond and create lasting memories. With its charming cast of diverse characters, delightful humor, and a touching message, "Mommy's Hair is Everywhere" is sure to become a favorite addition to any family library.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781961081031
ISBN-10: 1961081032
Publisher: Venali Press
Publication Date: April 20th, 2023
Pages: 36
Language: English