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Woodturning Book for Beginners: A Wood Turner Guide to Crafting 15 Woodturning Projects Plus Woodturning Tools and Tips to Get You Started (Hardcover)

Woodturning Book for Beginners: A Wood Turner Guide to Crafting 15 Woodturning Projects Plus Woodturning Tools and Tips to Get You Started By Luke Byrd Cover Image
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Were you fascinated by a woodturning project you came across and have since then, searched the Internet for one book with all the juicy bits of information in the art of woodturning? Maybe you have found some books but weren't too thrilled by the things you saw enough to start something? If so, then read on...

The answers to all your questions are here, dear turner or turner-to-be This book, Woodturning Book for Beginners, amazingly has virtually everything, and by everything, I mean the tips, techniques, guidelines, pictures, and instructions you will need to make you feel like you are in a classroom where the art of woodturning is taught.

Are you perhaps just hearing of the lathe machine? Have you probably gotten intimidated by the somewhat complicated way a lathe device looks like? You know, you can't really judge a book by its cover.

Relax and know what this art entails first. Trust me; you'll love it.

What exactly does woodturning entail?

Woodturning is an art that involves the turning of a wood stock on a lathe device that is either mounted on a bench or bolted to the floor. So, while the wood is turned, you will work a series of cutting tools through the wood to cut through it. You wouldn't believe it, but the principle of woodturning has been in existence for a pretty long time. The only issue is that the projects made in the past could not stand the test of time since they rotted quickly.

However, the devices got better and more efficient over the years, causing many people to take this art as a hobby and job, even There are now preservative agents and finishes that prevent the wood from rotting. The lathe device is cheap, and as long as you can exercise a lot of patience while reading through the guidelines you will see in this book, you will be good to go.

Perhaps you have seen some wood-work projects and gotten awed by them? Do you see yourself doing something very similar to those things? Yes? Then this book is just what you need. Just like the name suggests, this book is very suitable for beginners, but then you don't remain a beginner at the end of the book. You come out neatly polished and ready to make professional turnings. Experts in woodturning art are also free to peruse this book as it will refine them even more and add to what they already know.

At the end of this book, you will;

  • Be familiar with the historical bit of information and the timelines in which the lathe machine existed.
  • Be enlightened on the techniques, tips, and tools that will guide you in producing your first woodturning project.
  • Be aware of what to do to keep yourself safe and free from any potential hazard while using the lathe device.
  • Be educated on the tools and materials needed for your projects, including how to source the right tools and materials.
  • Kickstart your woodturning experience with the help of 15 woodturning project ideas with well-detailed directions.
  • Be aware of the common woodturning mistakes to avoid, including having pre-informed knowledge of the most frequently asked woodturning questions.

...And a whole lot more

What more then are you waiting for? Grab a copy of this book RIGHT NOW

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ISBN: 9781952597596
ISBN-10: 1952597595
Publisher: C.U Publishing LLC
Publication Date: January 8th, 2021
Pages: 170
Language: English