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The Denver Snuffer Podcast Volume 2: 2019 (Hardcover)

The Denver Snuffer Podcast Volume 2: 2019 By Denver C. Snuffer, Restoration Archive (Editor) Cover Image
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This volume of The Denver Snuffer Podcast includes transcripts of episodes 51-99, all of which were released during 2019.

Each episode consists of one or more of the following kinds of recordings:

- Remarks made by Denver during various lectures, meetings or Q&A

sessions that had previously been recorded and released

- Remarks by Denver that had previously been recorded, but not released

- Previously-published written material that Denver recorded for the


- Recordings of new material for the podcast

Readers with a keen eye will also note that in some cases, Denver used an audio transcript as the basis for preparing an "expanded transcript" or paper, with clarifying comments or additional material added in, that was not part of the original audio recording. This was particularly the case in Lectures 5-10 of the 40 Years in Mormonism lecture series, where the original audio transcripts were greatly expanded into papers (and ultimately Denver's book titled Preserving the Restoration, published by Mill Creek Press in 2015). In some cases, a podcast transcript may include these written additions even though they were not present in the audio version of the podcast, because they provide additional depth and detail to the subject matter and may be of value to the reader.

Episodes in this volume cover a wide range of topics, including:




Third Root of Scripture


Calling & Election

Effective Study

Hyrum Smith

Ministry of the Fathers


Authentic Christianity




Zion's Return


Meekness & Humility

Good Cheer

One Eternal Round

God in Our Day

A Bag Full of Jesus

Although they each contain much information about the topics addressed, these podcast episodes should rightly be considered as starting points, or brief introductions, useful to "excite inquiry and diligent search" and to "arouse your] mind s] to inquire after the knowledge of God" (Lectures on Faith, 2:55-56). They should prompt us to read the Scriptures more carefully, and use them as they were intended to be used - as a Urim and Thummim capable of revealing knowledge about the character and glory of God, and help us "obtain faith in God, and behold Him face to face."

God really is up to a work right now. And the work that is underway can culminate in Zion. Covenants were made. Promises were given. God has an obligation to the covenant fathers that He will vindicate. God's words will be fulfilled-all of them None of them are going to fall to the ground unfulfilled. The question is not, will God bring about the culmination of all His purposes? The question is, are we willing to cooperate with Him to bring those purposes to pass in our day? (Episode 85: Zion's Return, Part 2)

The audio version of the Denver Snuffer Podcast is available for free at

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