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A Mother's Love: The Story of the Midnight Angel (Paperback)

A Mother's Love: The Story of the Midnight Angel By Marilee Joy Mayfield, Tracy La Rue Hohn (Illustrator) Cover Image
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Dive into this magical bedtime story to unlock the secrets that makes Mom so special

Children often take their mothers for granted... and the love that mothers exhibit, often go unnoticed and under appreciated. This book takes your child by their hand and walks them through all the different things that mothers do to make kids feel loved, happy, and safe. Their young minds will learn to realize that the bond between them and their mother are one of the most powerful forces of nature. The power of a mother's unconditional love is something to always be cherished in their pure little heart.

A warm, heartfelt children's book that would make Mom feel overjoyed and appreciated

The perfect gift for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, and Anniversaries to treasure all of the things that mothers do to fill their children's hearts with love It doesn't have to be a holiday to share this book with Mom. Any day is the perfect day to have a close, intimate mother and son or mother and daughter bonding experience Don't forget to say "I Love You"

For children ages 3-8

Simple rhymes paired with vibrant illustrations helps to leave a deep impression on children, leaving them with a stronger understanding and appreciation for the love a mother has for their child. Each flip of the page will have your child brimming with love, knowing that Mom loves them to the moon and back

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The wild success of A Mother's Love has inspired Mayfield to launch more children's books such as: The Snowman's Song, The Lights in the Church, Growing Up Sisters, and The Super Tiny Ghost. With the common theme of love and compassion, these books have touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands of parents and children alike, all the while becoming some of our most best selling children's books

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ISBN: 9781949474756
ISBN-10: 1949474755
Publisher: Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream
Publication Date: March 15th, 2020
Pages: 48
Language: English