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Summer Learning HeadStart, Grade 6 to 7: Fun Activities Plus Math, Reading, and Language Workbooks: Bridge to Success with Common Core Aligned Resourc (Paperback)

Summer Learning HeadStart, Grade 6 to 7: Fun Activities Plus Math, Reading, and Language Workbooks: Bridge to Success with Common Core Aligned Resourc By Lumos Summer Learning Headstart, Lumos Learning Cover Image
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Lumos Summer Learning HeadStart Workbook Grade 6 to 7: The Best Summer Activity Workbook to Keep Your Child Engaged and Close Learning Gaps Over The Break

Looking for a summer workbook to help your child stay engaged and close the learning gap over the summer? Try this Lumos Summer Learning HeadStart workbook designed specifically for students entering grade 7.

This trusted, fun and engaging summer workbook features 10 weeks' worth of activities that align with grade-specific learning standards, including eight questions for each day of the week covering essential Math and English skills.

Here are some key benefits of using the Lumos summer activity workbook:

  • Provides a structured and easy-to-follow daily practice routine of 15 minutes or more, helping your child stay on track and motivated to learn.
  • Features comprehensive and standards-aligned coverage of essential subjects like reading, writing, vocabulary, and mathematics, ensuring your child covers all the necessary topics.
  • Offers complimentary access to an engaging online program that provides daily challenges, weekly reading activities, vocabulary quizzes, and a summer journal writing task to keep your child engaged and sharp.
  • Provides an exciting opportunity for your child to participate in the Lumos weekly summer photo contest and short story writing competition, promoting their talents and allowing them to win exciting prizes.

Resources in the Printed Workbook

  • Daily & Weekly Practice covering mathematics, reading, writing, and vocabulary for grade 6, helping students reinforce and build upon what they've learned during the school year.
  • Cheerful activities & fun brain teasers to keep your child engaged and motivated while providing the much-needed socio-emotional support.
  • Comes with a detailed answer key & explanations, allowing students to check their own work & gain valuable feedback.
  • Provides a comprehensive review of the grade 6 curriculum, helping students bridge the learning gap & prepare for grade 7 with confidence.
  • Aligned with 40+ ELA & 30+ Math standards.
  • Designed by expert educators, ensuring that the workbook is standards-aligned & provides a high-quality learning experience.

Unlike a traditional printed book, these workbooks provide online access to hundreds of standards-aligned fun & engaging learning resources.

Resources in the Complimentary Online Program

  • Daily online challenge rounds to keep your child engaged & motivated
  • Preview of seventh-grade Math & ELA learning standards
  • Grade-appropriate Reading & Vocabulary enrichment activities
  • A Summer Diary Tool to keep their writing skills sharp
  • Participate & win gift cards worth $100 in the Lumos Summer Short Story Writing Competition

Unlock the power of summer learning with Lumos Summer Learning HeadStart Workbook, a versatile solution for a variety of learning settings including self-paced at-home learning, homeschooling, summer schools, district summer academy, tutoring, & summer camps. Whether you're a parent, teacher, or educator, our workbook is the perfect choice for bridging the summer learning gap. With its fun & engaging activities, comprehensive lessons, and online learning resources, this workbook is the simplest yet most effective summer learning workbook.

Lumos Learning Study Programs are trusted by 846,900+ Students, 108,600+ Teachers 39,300+ Schools, & 100+ Libraries to improve student achievement on standardized tests.

With the Lumos Summer Learning HeadStart tedBook(TM) at your side, your child will be better prepared & confident to start the 2023-24 academic year.

Give your student the Lumos Summer advantage today

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ISBN: 9781940484723
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Publisher: Lumos Learning
Publication Date: July 7th, 2015
Pages: 220
Language: English