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Trading: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS MASTERCLASS 2022: Master the Financial Markets to Make Money Every Day (Paperback)

Trading: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS MASTERCLASS 2022: Master the Financial Markets to Make Money Every Day By Anglona's Books Cover Image
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Trading stocks, currencies, futures, options and other financial contracts is not actually complicated and anybody can learn it in a relatively short time. This has been my daily experience for the past decade and even traders who have tried everything for years without success can potentially make their first profits if the art of trading is explained to them in the right way.
However, the keyword "in the right way" is important here. I was first introduced to trading 15 years ago and it took me several years to acquire a solid trading knowledge. Looking back, I can say that I have spent too much time and money on my training and most of it was simply wrong. Of course, as a newbie, you cannot judge that. In only a few weeks, I can now teach new traders the things for which I needed up to five years inthe early days of my trading. By now, more than 1000 traders have already gone through my online trading training and I would now like to pass on the experience which I have gained through my own trading and the daily work with traders, in this book.
On the one hand, I would like to make it easier for new traders to enter the world of financial markets and technical analysis and, on the other hand, I want to show experienced traders a more effective approach to chart reading so that those will also benefit from the trading strategies and tips outlined in this book.This book focuses on technical analysis, explanation and interpretation ofprice movements and chart patterns as well as on learning effective, ready-touse trading strategies. However, it is important to go beyond the usual technical analysis, and to analyse the behaviour of traders based on psychological factors and phenomena of mass psychology as well.
The price movements on the international financial markets arise because millions of people interact with each other every day. Buying and selling decisions are influenced by emotions and human behavioural patterns. Whether we are looking at a speculator from China 200 years ago, a Wall Street pit trader from New York 80 years ago or a modern-day "Joe Bloggs trader", trading from his/her smartphone - the human components, i.e. emotions and instincts, hardly differ. Greed, fear, uncertainty and the willingness to take risks have determined human actions for millennia and, of course, also how people have manoeuvred their money around the world's markets for decades.
Those who learn to read the buyer and seller interaction from the charts will be able to read and handle any price movement, on any financial market and on all time frames. This is true because all price charts follow universal and timeless rules that can be successfully interpreted with the help of effective technical analysis.

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ISBN: 9781803340456
ISBN-10: 1803340452
Publisher: Anglona
Publication Date: March 22nd, 2022
Pages: 146
Language: English