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Paving - Conversations with Incredible Women Who are Shaping Our World (Paperback)

Paving - Conversations with Incredible Women Who are Shaping Our World By Maya Sharma Cover Image
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A book about 25 global women leaders would be remarkable by itself. The fact that it is written by a teenage girl makes it incredible. There is only one word to describe this book - inspiring

- Sunil Gupta, Edward W. Carter Professor of Business, Harvard Business School

Just when you thought you knew everything about some of the women shaping our world, you read Maya Sharma's book and realize you didn't know much at all. Smart questions that prompt lively, inspiring, and in-depth answers from incredible women will make your mind wander. A recommended read to all-no matter your age or gender.

- Joanna Stern, Senior Personal Tech Columnist, The Wall Street Journal

This book is a piece of art. It would have been an impressive book if just two or three of Maya's Wonder Women agreed to do the personal interviews - but she got twenty-five I plan on gifting this important book to my five granddaughters (and two grandsons) so that they can also grow up to be, like Maya, our next generation of architects for a better, more equal world.

- Mitch Lewis, Adventurer and Author, Climbing Your Personal Everest

Paving: Conversations with Incredible Women Who are Shaping our World is a provocative and stirring piece of brilliant writing from the up-and-coming Maya Sharma. Impressively, as she is still a student in high school, Maya has expertly featured many inspirational and powerful women from all walks of life and has interviewed them to gain their insights and wisdom on the world today. From their first-hand experiences, Maya's expressive conversations have delved into the difficulties that many women face in the modern world and deftly drawn valuable knowledge from the panoramic fount of the remarkable minds of these global influencers. From how they rose up the ranks to where they sit today, and the challenges they faced on their journey there, to how they stood against them, there is much inspiration and encouragement for the many ambitious women they have paved the way for. In fact, Paving is a force of its own, an audacious undertaking, and an eloquent book of thought-provoking answers and extraordinary stories. There is one pivotal theme: No matter what your circumstances, and whatever adversity you face, with perseverance, achieving your goal is always possible.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781788307109
ISBN-10: 1788307100
Publisher: Olympia Publishers
Publication Date: January 28th, 2021
Pages: 236
Language: English