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A Place Like This (Paperback)

A Place Like This By Sally W. Buffington Cover Image
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Summers on The Cape in A Place Like This

When newly engaged Sally Buffington is introduced to Craigville, she meets an expansive Cape Cod cottage that is virtually a family member itself. She quickly finds herself competing for airtime among the talkative, assured band of brothers and her new mother-in-law-the cottage's lively and confounding matriarch.

Sally, a Cape Cod local, soon wonders how she'll ever maintain her independence, let alone her sense of self when the day's agenda and every detail is already set in stone. But, she navigates her new life with quiet persistence and a boundless curiosity that guides her to explore life through the creative lens of her camera and her pen.

Sally writes with a whimsical candor that is both honest and humorous. Through poetic prose and heart-felt reflection, A Place Like This reveals the beauty of Cape Cod and shows us that sometimes the simplest of moments bring us the most lasting joy.

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ISBN: 9781737112808
ISBN-10: 1737112809
Publisher: Woodworth Press
Publication Date: July 27th, 2021
Pages: 242
Language: English