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When Trees Fall (Hardcover)

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A sweeping family saga exploring the secrets we keep and the lines we'll cross for love.

Cailin is a na ve, adventure-seeking girl living in a Jamaican Great House. Archie is a teenage boy with a chip on his shoulder. Sharpe is a young man with divided loyalties, living as an outsider in a poor hillside village. Yet, all three long for the same thing-a father's approval. But the man who has the power to give it to them won't...or can't. Behind his back, his property workers call him a tyrant for allegedly murdering a worker in the past, and his family walks on eggshells when he returns home from his drunken visits with his mistress. All while Cailin, Archie, and Sharp's unfulfilled desires spiral into rejection, mistaken affections, and murder.

Set in a seaside village during the final year of World War II and Jamaica's first general election, When Trees Fall is the first novel in Dale Mahfood's Wood and Water series. If you enjoy well-drawn, relatable characters and a compelling story you don't want to put down, you'll love this first installment in Dale Mahfood's series.

Join Cailin, Archie, and Sharpe for their Caribbean coming-of-age saga.

"An intriguing coming-of-age novel exploring the bittersweet tales of three Jamaican families."

-Lynda R. Edwards, author of Friendship Estate

"Colonial Jamaica was a pale copy of the society that existed in Britain a century or more earlier, a quaintly polite facade that often shielded dark secrets. When Trees Fall by Dale Mahfood portrays this society with compelling authenticity and irresistible allure. It is about the society I grew up in and people I might have known, yet the novel is so meticulously researched that I kept coming across surprising nuggets of new information. And there's more than mere historical virtuosity. This is a complex and many layered family saga. The writing style reminds me of Jane Austen, which enhances the story's antique flavor, making it easy to suspend disbelief as you travel back in time."

-George Graham, Journalist and Author of Hill-An'-Gully Rider

10% of the sales profits of this book go to Food for the Poor, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to "help the materially poor and to renew the poor in spirit" in seventeen Caribbean and Latin American countries.

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ISBN: 9781735908359
ISBN-10: 1735908355
Publisher: Rockstone Publishing House
Publication Date: October 15th, 2022
Pages: 350
Language: English