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Shibari: Everything you want to know about Japanese bondage. Guide in pictures. (Paperback)

Shibari: Everything you want to know about Japanese bondage. Guide in pictures. By Seito Saiki Cover Image
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Welcome to the beginners guide to Shibari. In this book you will learn about what it takes to safely and confidently perform the Japanese art of Shibari otherwise known as bondage. The secret here is that not all bondage is sexual in nature. While it is obviously associated with that as well, it is also independently considered an art form and is practiced by very serious artists. The main difference is being in the word chosen to describe it. The word Shibari in Japanese is specific to the act of tying, or binding. Whereas Kinbaku is the more sexual side of it, the word associated the BDSM and sex games side of things. If you are referring to a beautiful artistic display that, while erotic, is limited to an artist's interpretation and not a sex act then you would be speaking of Shibari. Here is a preview of what you'll learn: - What is Shibari? - Materials for the Japanese art of Shibari - Knotting and Tying - The knot tying of hands "stirrup" - The tying of hands "stirrup" (another variation) - The wrist knot "chain" - The knotting under arm "rat-tail stopper" - Connecting neck with both arms "common whipping" - Leg bind "round lashing" - Hip tie "square lashing" - Ankle's tying - Chest knots - Chest bind "figure 8 knot" - Chest bind "figure 8 knot" with hands - Advanced Knotting & Tying - The rope tying of hands, shoulders and legs - Double loops to tie mid arm mark "bowline" - The tying "fisherman's knot" - Sturdy knot of body "overhand bow" - The tying neck & back "common cross whipping" - The tying "cow hitch" - "Constrictor knot" - Humble coin knot "double overhand" - The tying "ashley stopper knot" - Difficult tying of waist, legs and head - The knotting rope.

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