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Your Inner Golf Guru: The Science of Rethinking, Relearning, & Revamping Your Golf Swing (Paperback)

Your Inner Golf Guru: The Science of Rethinking, Relearning, & Revamping Your Golf Swing By Dr. James Ragonnet Cover Image
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Lower your handicap and revamp your swing as you become your own best golf instructor.
Conventional methodologies, which emphasize ball-striking dictated mostly by bio-mechanics and kinesiology, have failed to enhance the competencies of worn, weary, and wishful golfers. To diagnose and correct your dysfunctional swing, you must understand how your mind, brain, muscles, and club function. Your Inner Golf Guru—a new way of solving a very old problem—applies the domains of cognitive neuroscience and systems thinking to teaching and learning the game. These unlikely and overlooked domains govern your  development far more than you can ever imagine. Dr. James Ragonnet offers a crash course in the following:  
  • Sharpening your thinking
  • Rewiring your brain  
  • Developing expert movement patterns  
  • Practicing deliberately
  • Improving rapidly 
  • Individualizing your learning
  • Competing under pressure
  • And that’s just the tip of the iceberg

Since there’s no prescribed or ready path for all golfers, you must become a Golf Academy of one. You must think and learn on your own terms. Before you sacrifice any more time, energy, and money on dated, conventional, and narrow golf methodologies, buy and read the innovative and scientific approach in Your Inner Golf Guru—a practical guide that will change your game.

About the Author

James L. Ragonnet, PhD, is a former college golf coach, college professor, writer, and researcher whose specialty is the teaching and learning of complex skills including golf, critical and lateral thinking, problem solving, decision making, accelerated learning, memory enhancement, successful college teaching, and effective communication. His primary focus is providing learners with rapid and practical blueprints to reinvent themselves. His previous book, Golf’s Three Noble Truths (2007)—acknowledged by noted PGA coaches—was nominated for the “Herbert Warren Wind Book Award.” A winner of the Navy’s Region One Golf Tournament, he lives in Williamsville, New York.   

Product Details
ISBN: 9781683583981
ISBN-10: 1683583981
Publisher: Sports Publishing
Publication Date: October 6th, 2020
Pages: 288
Language: English