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The Impossible Kid: Parenting a Strong-Willed Child with Love and Grace (Paperback)

The Impossible Kid: Parenting a Strong-Willed Child with Love and Grace By Lucille Williams Cover Image
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When a mother’s journey begins, one is venturing into the unknown. 
It’s hard to imagine what this tiny little baby will be as an adult. My journey was difficult, heart-wrenching, and laborious and yet joyful, worth every tear and strife. My child seemed impossible to me, but God chose me to be the mother of this impossible child. And what we deem impossible, God makes possible (Luke 18:27). From the introduction 
In The Impossible Kid, relationship coach and pastor’s wife Lucille Williams writes an exceptionally honest and funny account of parenting a strong-willed child. Through 11 entertaining chapters, this book provides practical tools for parents to sow seeds of encouragement in their kids as they aspire to raise adults who reflect the nature and character of God. Endorsed by Dr. Gary Smalley, The Impossible Kid is an encouraging and informative read, covering topics including family dysfunctions, feeling like an inadequate parent, creative and effective discipline, parenting with integrity, the dreaded sex talk, learning to laugh together, and keeping God as the focal point in the home.

About the Author

Lucille Williams, national speaker and author, has ministered to couples and families for over 25 years. As a pastor’s wife, Lucille dedicates her time to ministry, writing, mentoring, and providing resources on her blog at Working alongside her husband who is the children’s pastor at Shepherd Church in Porter Ranch, California, Lucille found widespread success with her first book From Me to We.

In her pursuit to safeguard marriages, Lucille has appeared on Focus on the Family’s radio broadcasts and magazine as one of their top-rated programs for “BEST OF 2018.” She was also featured on KKLA’s the Frank Sontag Show and GOD TV. Even with her writing and speaking achievements, she will tell you her greatest pride and joy is her family—her highest calling and ministry.

Lucille resides in Los Angeles with her husband of over 37 years, spending the majority of their spare time with their grandkids.

Praise For…

“We all need cheerleaders. The Impossible Kid will encourage and inspire you to be a better parent. Raising a child who loves God is becoming more and more complicated, and the best way to learn something is to experience it. The Impossible Kid will take you on life’s roller coaster with smiles and laughter to sniffles and tears. Lucille Williams will show you how to laugh at yourself, have fun, and enjoy your kids in this lighthearted account of her struggles as a mom. Each page has new surprises, especially the comments by her daughter at the end of each chapter. A great read from cover to cover as you are saying, Yes! Exactly! I know just what you mean!
Gary Smalley, author of Guarding Your Child’s Heart
“Lucille Williams is the real deal! She writes with amazing authenticity, practicality, and a fun-loving sense of humor. Reading this book (and her other books) is like sitting with a good friend over coffee sprinkled with important ‘truth bombs’ and a lot of laughs. I always encourage the HomeWord audience to pick up her books. And with this book, her daughter Monica chimes in at every chapter with the style of fun, authenticity, and truth.”  
Jim Burns, PhD, President, HomeWord, author of Doing Life With Your Adult Children: Keep Your Mouth Shut and the Welcome Mat Out!
“Lucille Williams and her daughter Monica take us on an exciting adventure into the challenging world of parenting. Captivating stories will keep you laughing, crying, and turning pages to find a healthy dose of practical guidance, hilarious antidotes, and the reminder that we are all God’s kids. Some of us are just bigger than others.”
Claudia Mitchell, Women’s Minister, Sherwood Oaks Christian Church, Bloomington, Indiana, and coauthor of One Girl Can Change the World
“Lucille Williams has painted the pages of this book with all of her personality, the same personality that is so endearing as she ministers in the children’s ministry at Shepherd Church in Porter Ranch, California. She writes with authenticity and a realness that is not only disarming but engaging. You can’t help but laugh and cry at the stories she shares. She has encapsulated what it means to parent your children, even with the ups and downs, with the joy of the Lord. A great and encouraging read!”
Phil Allen, Founder & Pastor at Own Your Faith Ministries, California
“I have always believed you can’t really do parenting to a child; you do it with a child. In other words, just as much as a parent shapes the future of a child, the child shapes the future of a parent. As I read this book by Lucille, I am refreshed by a parenting book that is not written about children but with children! The wisdom and authenticity of Lucille coupled with the responses and realizations of Monica are truly some of the most unique and clever parenting insights I have read in years.”
Todd Clark, Pastor, and Senior Associate, Slingshot Group
“It’s very refreshing to read a book where both mom and daughter share the good, the bad, and the ugly of parenting. Let’s keep it real, people! Lucille and Monica do a great job sharing their triumphs and tough times. Full of scripture and encouragement, Lucille tells how she cried out time and time again to the Lord, and reminds us that this is what we too must do for successful parenting. If your kids didn’t come with instructions, consider this your powerful parenting play book.”
Annett Davis, professional beach volleyball player, 2000 Olympian, pastor’s wife, and mother of two
“I can relate to the book. I have a daughter who is just like the one portrayed here. She is the joy of my life, but I welcome any sound advice from people like Lucille Williams. She has done a great job on laying it out in a humorous and enjoyable fashion.”
Rick Kyle, Teaching Pastor, The Hills Church in Evansville
“There is certainly no such thing as a perfect parent or a perfect child, but Lucille Williams shows you how to find the humor and joy in parenting the Lord’s way. You will laugh and cry as you glean from the godly wisdom shared in The Impossible Kid through exploring the real issues that moms and dads face today. And while every child is unique and sure to keep us on our toes, this book reveals that being a perfectly content parent is truly possible.”
Dudley C. Rutherford, Senior Pastor Shepherd Church
“Lucille Williams offers biblically-based advice and wisdom on parenting mixed with a very healthy dose of humor and encouragement. Her book is sure to be a valuable resource for parents who desire to joyfully honor God as they raise their children!”
Renee Rutherford, wife of Senior Pastor Shepherd Church, Porter Ranch, California, and mother of three
“Sometimes you see the title and author of a book, and even before you read the first page you think to yourself, Yeah, this is going to be good. That is the case with Lucille Williams and her new book on parenting. She is a woman who has had not only an incredible amount of personal experience with being a mother, but she is also someone who has walked alongside many other mothers, gaining additional experience as a mentor and a friend. As a husband whose household consists of a wife, two teenage daughters, and a female golden retriever, this book is an answer to prayer.”
Tim Winters, Executive Pastor of Shepherd Church, Porter Ranch, California
“As a mother of two preteen boys, I was so blessed by Lucille Williams’ stories and antidotes in The Impossible Kid. You will feel encouraged by the way she is able to combine the challenges of motherhood with God’s specific promise to that area. I was able to identify with many of her issues (and attitudes) on parenting. Other times I was spurred into action—having to put the book down and go make things right with my kids. This book is for parents at all stages of parenting who seek some lighthearted, yet sound godly advice from a mom who’s been there.”
Kim Wynott, mother of two boys, including child star Ryan Wynott from ABC’s FlashForward and NBC’s The Cape

“To write a book on raising a strong-willed child with that strong-willed child is a bold move! You can only imagine the ‘vigorous’ editing process, and we, the readers, are the beneficiaries. The pious platitudes and easy answers are ousted by the emotional roller coaster of reality, accompanied by laughter, tears, and the trauma of parenting.”
Mark E. Moore, PhD. Teaching Pastor of Christ’s Church of the Valley, and author of Core 52: A Fifteen-Minute Daily Guide to Build Your Bible IQ in a Year
“Lucille is vulnerable, honest, and raw with you about her journey as a mom. She won’t shame you, but encourage you in your calling from God to be a mom.”
–Kyle Idleman, Pastor of Southeast Christian Church, and author of Not a Fan and Don’t Give Up

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