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Suitcases and Seeds: The Story of an Incredible Journey (Paperback)

Suitcases and Seeds: The Story of an Incredible Journey By Diane Werling Cover Image
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"...this story of an incredible journey is a gift and a blessing for each fortunate reader." - Art Gorman

Join an 11-year-old boy, a 7-year-old girl, and a teenage girl on an unexpected adventurous journey led by Jesus and an angel. Along the way, they discover they have something in common each has kept a secret. As they travel they gather seeds needed to begin healing from the hurtful things they've experienced. By the end of the journey for the first time they have hope and direction, and they know for certain they will always have a special friend in Jesus.

- Travel with them to places they could never have imagined.

- Have picnics with angels, take a sky ride, cross a ravine on a bridge as it's being built, and more.

- Learn how they collect the seeds as they travel.

Not only an exciting story in itself, but it can also help those hurting to begin to heal and others to reach out to those in need.

"Your story is very warm, sensitive, and nurturing. One of the things I like the best is that you demonstrate and describe excellent coping strategies...I think it will be a gift to all kids, especially to abused kids." - Constance J. Schweigert, MSW, Clinical Social Worker with over 40 years of experience working with children.

"...this book can serve as a blessed guide to hope, healing, and a colorful light-filled view of life." - * Art Gorman, Elementary School teacher, Christian youth leader.

The author majored in theology and psychology, worked with hurting children, and is a former elementary school teacher.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781637695869
ISBN-10: 1637695861
Publisher: Trilogy Christian Publishing
Publication Date: October 3rd, 2022
Pages: 144
Language: English