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Out of the Darkness: A Novel (Courageous Series) (Hardcover)

Out of the Darkness: A Novel (Courageous Series) By David A. Jacinto Cover Image
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Out of the Darkness is based on the true story of a nineteenth-century child coal miner rising out of the ashes of poverty and tragedy to change the world. It’s the story of greed, love, sacrifice, faith, and the courage to push aside fear and jump into the refiner’s fire where the finest qualities of character are forged.

In 1837, seven-year-old Thomas Wright followed in his family's footsteps into one of England’s most dangerous coal mines. He struggled with childhood fears, working twelve-hour days, six days a week in the darkness 500-feet below ground. That was until disaster struck in one of England’s most horrific accidents that changes the direction of his life and the course of history.

This is the fast-moving story of a young boy overcoming the iron-fisted rule of the massively wealthy lord of the land, who not only owned much of South Yorkshire’s coal mines and the villages in which the miners lived, but the mortgage on their lives. With the help of his family, he confronts the tyrannical system of industrial slavery, His Lordship’s brutal psychopathic enforcer, and a society that fostered the oppression of the working class. From his desperate beginnings, we follow Tom on a path to a brilliant career, his love affair with a strong-willed woman, and his courageous fight to help change the course of industrial slavery in England.

It's a masterfully told story of the great sweep of human desire for freedom and liberty; not just for himself, but for his children and his children’s children. Like many immigrants in the mid-nineteenth century, Thomas Wright was drawn to what Abraham Lincoln called, “the last best hope on earth,” and has left a vast American legacy, including his seven-year-old great, great, great, great grandson Cole, pictured on the front cover of this book.

About the Author

David Jacinto was born into a family living on the wrong side of the tracks and has been a storyteller ever since. He was the first in his extended family to attend college, and as a student athlete at one of the most prestigious universities in the country, he received his degree in civil engineering. He went on to serve as a president of SM Engineering Company, held leadership roles in multiple national and international companies along the west coast of California, and was on the board of directors for a few more. He was also commandeered by the State of California on special assignment as chief engineer to help rescue California’s three major utilities on the verge of bankruptcy during the highly publicized, 300-billion-dollar energy crisis in 2001. 

David has had numerous speaking engagements over his successful career, frequently interjecting colorful, fascinating, and humorous stories of his life experiences. Some of these stories are drawn from his ill-spent youth, some from his many business successes, and some from family experiences. But all delivered with the greatest respect for the opportunities America has afforded him and a thankfulness to those fallen leaves from the family tree of immigrants who made it all possible. 

Despite his business successes, he supposes his greatest achievements have been to convince the fetching Anne Gray to become his wife, the good fortune to be a part of the lives of his four wonderful children, their wives and husband, and the blessing to be Papa J to thirteen near-perfect grandchildren. 

Praise For…

Out of the Darkness is a powerful story of the industrial enslavement of children by aristocratic overlords during England’s nineteenth-century Industrial Revolution. It is a story of overcoming adversity, and the power of family infused with the gospel of Christ to help a young boy rise from his desperate beginnings to reach great heights. Out of the Darkness tells a wonderfully powerful and uplifting story of the nineteenth-century American immigrant.” 
— Tim Ballard, best-selling author, rescuer of children, and founder of Operation Underground Railroad, the inspiration behind the movie Sound of Freedom.

"David Jacinto's Out of the Darkness is a masterful exploration of perseverance. The author brilliantly weaves themes of resilience throughout the narrative, guiding readers on a transformative journey that mirrors the protagonist's own experience." 
— Mike Carey, former BBC radio presenter

"Beautifully written, Out of the Darkness is a captivating historical novel that demonstrates the author's masterful storytelling prowess. Through meticulous attention to historical detail, the book effortlessly transports readers to a bygone era that is at once charming and terrifying. The characters, richly developed and deeply relatable, breathe life into the pages—their triumphs, pain, and desire resonating with authenticity. Historical events seamlessly blend with the narrative, creating a riveting love story that leaves readers spellbound until the final page."
— Amy Osmond Cook, President of Osmond Marketing Company

"Mr. Jacinto's skill in illustrating these themes is evident, as he adeptly balances moments of actual historical conditions while inviting readers to reflect on their own life experiences. This combination of history and human relationships leaves a lasting impression, making it an unforgettable read." 
— NaVee Vernon, Summit County Historian (ret.)

"Dave Jacinto has done something very special with Out of the Darkness. It is more than a heartfelt tribute from a grateful descendent of great people; it is also a carefully researched history that recreates a moment in history that we need to understand."
— Marilyn Green Faulkner, bestselling author of The User-Friendly Book of Mormon

"Out of the Darkness is a compelling and inspiring read. It is a testament to the human will that tells its story with honesty and with gratitude for those who paved the way for a family to flourish for generations. The first of a two-volume set, it sounds a powerful prelude for an even greater story yet to come."
— Eric Stemle, 2003 Wyoming Teacher of the Year, Author of I Was Not the Blossom: Growing With Your Students in a Nurturing Classroom

"The limits of resilience are put to the test on this journey back to mid-19th-century Yorkshire, England. It's a time and place where children work long hours in coal mines and oppressive wealthy lords of land are in control during early industrialization. David Jacinto's Out of the Darkness is historical fiction, but something not unfamiliar to his own personal history, with characters who come from his own ancestry nearly 200 years ago. 

It's a story of love, disaster, and resourceful toughness, which comes alive through Jacinto's richly detailed storytelling and natural, engaging conversations.

As readers follow the protagonist, Tom Wright, they witness the struggles and resilience of people caught in the web of oppressive systems. Jacinto's storytelling captures the era, painting a picture of the challenges experienced by the working class. Out of the Darkness takes us to a pivotal time in history, and leaves a lasting impact as it reminds us of the incredible human spirit in the face of adversity. 

The dark depths of a dangerous coal mine is the literal setting for Wright's early life, and the perfect metaphor for what he must overcome."
— Andrew Luria, 11-Time Emmy Award Winner, Anchor Fox Five and Author of The Adventures of Charlie Marley

"Out of the Darkness is a novel rich in historic significance and current relevance. The tale of Thomas Wright and his family is an epic that does more than simply give a voice to the ills of the Industrial Revolution. It depicts the struggles and triumphs of the men and women in this era, and in them, makes real the consequences of unfettered capitalism coupled with new technology that outpaces moral logic. We face similar challenges today, with technological developments pushing the boundaries of our ethical understanding, and we need models for how to respond. Jacinto's characters demonstrate the courage, faith, humility, and determination that are needed to respond to the crises of our present and our future."
— Matthew B. Hoyt, Historian and Adjunct Instructor, Brigham Young University

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ISBN: 9781637631898
ISBN-10: 1637631898
Publisher: Forefront Books
Publication Date: October 3rd, 2023
Pages: 400
Language: English
Series: Courageous Series