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Million Dollar Blackjack (Paperback)

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Contrary to popular opinion, anyone who enters a casino can win at blackjack. In blackjack, unlike many casino games, your winnings depend on skill rather than chance. Players have left behind billions of dollars at the blackjack table, but it doesn't have to be that way anymore

World famous blackjack expert Ken Uston provides seven simple rules to improve your game and presents students with four levels of winning skills. Strategies start with the Simple Plus/Minus for beginners and work up to the Advanced Plus/Minus and the Uston Ace-Five Count. Million Dollar Blackjack also explains the Uston Advance Point Count method, used by some of the world's top blackjack professionals.

Notoriously hailed the "blackjack bible," Million Dollar Blackjack remains one of the most pivotal and comprehensive guides on the game. Breaking down the various rules, strategies, and counting methods, Uston discloses the tactics that made him a multi-million dollar winner. In this book, he covers nearly every aspect of casino blackjack from selecting the right game, to avoiding being barred, to the "illegal" side of blackjack, to cheating dealers and players.

Million Dollar Blackjack details a myriad of playing techniques fortified by insider information. Ken Uston has carefully evaluated all previous blackjack theories and schools to offer you the most comprehensive guide on the game.

Ken Uston (1935-1987) was arguably the world's foremost blackjack player and game strategist. He graduated from Yale with a BA in Economics and received his MBA in Finance from Harvard. After a stint as the Senior Vice President of the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange, Uston traded his three-piece suit for the unpredictable life of the professional gambler. During his blackjack career, he mastered card counting, which led him to be barred from a number of casinos. Uston won a lawsuit against casinos in New Jersey, which protested the banishment of card-counting players, and its ruling still holds today.

Uston has authored a number of bestselling books including Ken Uston on Blackjack and Mastering Pac-Man.

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