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Good Teams Win, Great Teams Cover: An Underdog's Tale of Life, Gambling and Sharp Sports Betting (Paperback)

Good Teams Win, Great Teams Cover: An Underdog's Tale of Life, Gambling and Sharp Sports Betting By Pat Hagerty Cover Image
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I will teach you how to win more bets, but first a story...

I was hungover. I had spent the previous night in an Italian bar trying to convince na ve girls that I was Jason Sehorn of the New York Giants. This was my move. It wasn't particularly effective, but it was the best I had...

The next morning I found myself on a train going from Bologna to Rome. I was young, and this would be my first visit to the ancient city.

As luck would have it, I was seated next to Evelyn O'Reilly. Evelyn was a stunning foreign exchange student from Dublin, and we hit if off.

We hit if off so well that when she got to her stop in Florence she invited me to join her for the weekend. In a moment of sheer madness, I politely declined.

I had the next few hours to contemplate what had just happened, and I became paralyzed by my own stupidity. What the hell was wrong with me? I had an amazing opportunity, but I was too damn dumb to realize it. This exquisite creature exited my life forever, only to revisit every now and again as a memory...

This same scenario plays out EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND of the football season.

Beautiful opportunities are out there, but most bettors can't see them. They aren't trained on what to look for, and when they finally do discover a gem, they are too scared to act.

Taking advantage of situational opportunities is what separates the sharps from the stiffs.

"Good Teams Win, Great Teams Cover" is a collection of betting advice that WILL make you a sharper sports bettor.

My strategy of situational betting in college and pro football is a time-tested method for beating the sportsbook. I highlight over twenty situational opportunities where the bettor will gain an advantage over the house.

Included are detailed examples from past football seasons which will allow the reader to gain a firm understanding of the concepts that can make your betting very profitable.

I also mix in candid and embarrassing personal stories that makes this a highly entertaining read while providing valuable insight that will educate all levels of degenerate gamblers.

If you are sick of praying for backdoor covers, if countless bad beats have made your betting life miserable, if you are reloading your gambling account way too often - then this book is for you.

About the Author:

Pat Hagerty is the luckiest SOB out there. He gambles the way he lives life, and he tries to get a little better every day. This has led to abundant success in his personal, professional and his gambling life.

Besides being a degenerate gambler, Pat is the host of Club Shaw's Draft Party. He has written three other books on a subject you don't care about. He shot 67 at Red's, and leads his beer hockey league in penalty minutes.

You can follow him on Facebook at FishyFive and Twitter at fishy_five.

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