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Animal Welfare in Ireland: Animal Care (Paperback)

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A Comprehensive Guide To Animal Health And Welfare For Animal Lovers
This animal welfare book was written to provide you with a comprehensive, accessible and practical reference following the QQI level 5 learning objectives to help you understand and learn more about our furry friends. It's written with respect to all parties seeking information about animal care to help develop animal welfare understanding.

Give Animals The Care & Support They Need

This animal care book is the perfect choice for anyone that wants to build a solid foundation by providing them with an abundance of facts, statistics and media.

Our animal care book provides an in-depth text for students that want to take proper care of animals and give scientifically-backed advice on how to meet their individual needs to help them recover not only physically but emotionally as well.

It's suitable for anyone interested or studying animal welfare science to complement their current course or just deepen their understanding of what they've already covered.

Engaging Topics For Both Professors And Students

Our animal book for welfare covers a wide variety of topics that include: evolution, domestication, handling, veterinary care, dog care, cat care, farming, laws, breeding, wildlife parks and zoos, therapy animals, sporting industries involving animals, hunting and much more.

It's written with Animal Welfare, Veterinary, and Animal Care students to help them understand about a diverse lineup of animal welfare issues and how to better care for them in a fresh and thought-provoking approach that's easy to understand.

This Book Will Help You:
  • Understand about the different healthcare plans for animals
  • Figure out the right feeding options for domestic and captive animals
  • Learn handling and restraint techniques for animals of varying age and health
  • Gain a deeper understanding of responsible and irresponsible breeding
  • And Much More
**Please note on page 62 Foot & Mouth for animals and children comes from the same viral family but is not the same virus.
Humans can contract the animal form but need to be working in extremely close contact, illness caused is minor. However it is still a notifiable disease and is easily spread**

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ISBN: 9781527272064
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Publisher: Visa Debit
Publication Date: September 27th, 2020
Pages: 382
Language: English