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Questions & Answers about the United Methodist Church, Revised (Paperback)

Questions & Answers about the United Methodist Church, Revised By Thomas S. McAnally Cover Image
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McAnally has revised Questions & Answers About The United Methodist Church to update statistics and information throughout the book, along with new frequently asked questions not in the current edition. This book is a useful guide that answers the most frequently asked questions about the beliefs, practices, and history of The United Methodist Church. The information is brief, and is presented in an easy question-and-answer format. It is great for those new to The United Methodist Church or those who want to know more. Great give-away to new members or those interested in joining Gain a better understanding of The United Methodist Church Q&A format creates an easy reference for information and statistics about The United Methodist Church Also available for the first time in Spanish with the title - Preguntas y respuestas sobre la Iglesia Metodista Unida.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781501871139
ISBN-10: 1501871137
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Publication Date: April 17th, 2018
Pages: 32
Language: English