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Human Rights in Teaching Practices (Paperback)

Human Rights in Teaching Practices By Zankar, Pandya Cover Image
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Human Rights are the basic rights which one gets being human. These are inherent rights which are received since inception. Knowing and valuing the Human Rights is the best practice to prevent the violation in any form. When an individual learns about ones rights it builds respect for the right of other which helps in constructing more tolerant and peaceful citizens ultimately leading to peaceful civil societies. "All Human Rights for All" ascertains the universality, indivisibility and interrelationship of all human rights. The fact of unchangeable nature of Human Rights is essential for human existence "Human rights in Teaching Practices" is a book for students, teacher educators, teachers as well as researchers in the field of Education and Human Rights Education who intends to know about Human Rights and how to impart them to their students. The main objective of this book is to share knowledge and skills to generate awareness and develop attitude towards Human Rights Education amongst student teachers. It provides an indepth description of concepts of Human Rights, Human Rights Education and strategies for teaching Human Rights in B.Ed course. The book is divided mainly in three parts: first part deals with concept of human rights, Human Rights Education, the policy perspective of Human Rights, the concept of human rights awareness and attitude towards human rights. This section describes the theoretical underpinnings of human rights from different approaches, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and how and where human rights are reflected in Indian Constitution. The concept of human rights Education and its policy perspectives in Indian Education system. Human Rights Education at different levels of school and at Teacher Education are described in detail from Indian Education policy perspective. Researchers at National and International level are studied with respect to human rights of different persons in the society such as- children, women and other vulnerable groups. Second part deals with the analysis of various components of human rights education programme for teacher education. Following areas are included in the present module of Human Rights Education. Concept, Foundation, and History of Human Rights, Gender Discrimination and Equality, Rights of the Child, Secularism and Education, Environmental Protection and Human Rights, The Right to Education, Egalitarianism and Education, Protection of Human rights in India. The Human Rights Education programme for student teachers of Bachelor in Education course was developed and its effectiveness was studied. This part explains different teaching strategies for imparting Human Rights Education. The constructivist and experiential learning approaches were used to inculcate the human rights culture among student teachers awareness about human rights and their attitude towards human rights. Third part deals with the research work and findings. Experimental research on student teachers was done and the effectiveness of the programme was tested. The Human Rights Education programme for generating awareness about Human Rights and attitude towards human rights was ascertained by considering various moderator variables. The research findings have manifold uses for school teachers, student teachers, curriculum planners in teacher education, all stakeholders of Education and human rights education so as to contribute directly or indirectly creating a peaceful and progressive society.

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