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Conquering Risk: Attacking Wall Street and Vegas (Paperback)

Conquering Risk: Attacking Wall Street and Vegas By George Howard, Elihu D. Feustel Cover Image
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All manners of gambling are becoming increasingly popular in our society. Whether a person places a bet on sports or gambles on a stock, he is making a decision on risk. Most people need much more information than they have to make good decisions on either. A majority of the book focuses on sports betting. Four in-depth winning models are demonstrated for MLB, NFL, NCAA Football and WNBA. In addition to methods for handicapping these sports, there are explanations of a variety of approaches to exploit sports market inefficiencies and incorrect assumptions of bookmakers. The approaches to stock betting challenges commonly accepted knowledge. How important is diversification? Are investors in individual stocks just gambling? Is maximizing your portfolio growth worth taking on added volatility? Is sports betting a better investment than stocks for some people? The approaches offered to risk taking, especially sports betting are ground breaking, with more fresh ideas than ever seen in a single coherent publication.

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ISBN: 9781450723008
ISBN-10: 1450723004
Publisher: Independent Publisher
Publication Date: January 1st, 2010
Pages: 304
Language: English