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Soul Tribes and Tambos: Communities for Souls on the Move (Paperback)

Soul Tribes and Tambos: Communities for Souls on the Move By John P. Davidson Cover Image
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WHERE CAN THE NEW GLOBAL SOUL CALL HOME? SOMETIMES, when old souls have returned to Earth in young bodies, they need to be reminded they are here again to do the work of planetary destiny. These souls have reincarnated time and again to receive, embody, protect, evolve, record, and translate the processes by which human souls co-evolve with the planetary soul in service of creation. Even if these young/old souls sense their personal gifts and collective mission, many need help in learning how to ground themselves and get traction on the planet. They are all of one tribe. There is an increasing urgency to their work. And they need a place that provides the support this soul tribe needs-a place they might call home. Soul Tribes and Tambos suggests a new kind of home for these shining souls. They need a home dedicated to supporting soul evolution in an accelerating time domain, a home they can leave and return to from time to time. In Soul Tribes and Tambos, John P. Davidson has adapted the stages of soul development described in his earlier book, The Soul's Critical Path, to the creation of a specific model of community for quickly evolving souls. While he has used the burgeoning spiritual milieu of Peru and his experience with psychotropic plants to illustrate this model, the form of community he proposes can take root anywhere souls understand the importance of establishing a new and mature relationship with a living earth.

About the Author

John P. Davidson writes and teaches about the evolution of the soul. He lives in Peru and the United States. He may be contacted at

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ISBN: 9780988255746
ISBN-10: 098825574X
Publisher: Heartworks Publishing Company
Publication Date: June 9th, 2014
Pages: 174
Language: English