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My Secret Blueprint: Live your life, Fill this out, Pass it on as your Legacy Story (Hardcover)

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Have you ever thought about one of your relatives that lived 100 years ago? Did you wonder what they were like? How did they feel about their family, their work, their life? Did your family member want more out of life than they were living, or were they living the American Dream?

How many family stories were passed down to you and you didn't know how accurate they were? OR did you receive part of a story, but someone in your family just couldn't remember the rest? By filling out My Secret Blueprint, you won't have to worry about misinformation any longer. How long has it been since you have seen a family member that you really enjoyed talking to? Do you run out of things to talk about sooner than you would like? In this book, I am going to show you how to keep your conversations going with family and friends. This book is a fun way to interact and develop a deeper bond.

In 1977, I lost my mother 2 days before my 13th birthday. If she had filled out a book like this, many questions I had growing up could have been answered and helped me in my life with parenting, and my relationships.

After filling out this book, it will be easier to talk to your family members and friends because you will have the tools to ask questions and/or share stories creating a deeper understanding of one another. Before my father passed away, he filled out some of these questions. I now have valuable information in his own words that I will cherish forever and pass down to my family. After you fill out My Secret Blueprint, my wish for you is that you have a deeper understanding of yourself, and you will be able to pass on your information to other family members and friends. Life is not easy sometimes and when you read through the questions you will realize that your story is your life and different from everyone else. No one person is alike. By not filling out this book, there will be people in your life that will miss out on the wonderful stories that will make them laugh, cry or even be inspired. They will never know about YOU unless you fill it out. I invite you to fill out a chapter that you really like and share it with someone you feel will appreciate what you have to say. Watch and see how much closer you two will become because of those questions that you never thought to ask before. Is there a relative or friend that you would like to get closer to? Do you not know what to say when you are together? Is it just too awkward? After you share a question from your book watch and listen to the same story, they share with you. The next time you see each other you will have created a wonderful connection for years to come.

​​​​​​​Maybe your story will become a Book or Movie someday like mine did

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ISBN: 9780967321356
ISBN-10: 0967321352
Publisher: Your Legacy Roots Publishing
Publication Date: November 1st, 2021
Pages: 212
Language: English