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The Quotable Contrarian: The Power of Thinking Differently, Asking Questions, and Being Unconventional (Paperback)

The Quotable Contrarian: The Power of Thinking Differently, Asking Questions, and Being Unconventional Cover Image
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From Socrates to Steve Jobs, this collection of quotations will enlighten and entertain.

These bites of wit and wisdom will inspire you to think critically, to think differently, and to think for yourself.

Contrarian thinking is useful because:

  • The crowd is often wrong.
  • It can help you find a new perspective or discover the truth.
  • Creativity and innovation come from thinking differently.
  • You can think freely and be yourself.

Contemplate unconventional thoughts on: truth, knowledge, ignorance, myths, beliefs, doubt, curiosity, crowds, conformity, groupthink, staying true to yourself, facts, misinformation, fake news, propaganda, brainwashing, and authority. Ponder the musings of some of the great mavericks, skeptics, outliers, and iconoclasts.

Stuck on a gift? Give a friend the power and joy of thinking outside the box. (It makes a cool gift for the graduating senior too.)

Is your brain blocked? Do you wish you could do your own thing in life? Sure, some conformity is necessary to lead an unencumbered life. But too much conformity will extinguish the spark inside of you. Let's face it: If you think like everybody else, you'll get average results. It's time to blow the dust off the habitual ways of seeing things.

Listen to your inner voice. Ask questions, of yourself and to the group. Speak up. Find your true path in life.

Open the book anywhere. Get your mental juices flowing again. Have some fun. Start now by taking a peek inside.

So long as men praise you, you can only be sure that you are not yet on your own true path but on someone else's.

― Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), philosopher

JAMES JOSEPH has been a student of contrarian thinking since 1978, when he put together his first stock portfolio. His inclinations to overthink, ask way too many questions, and flout conventional wisdom have kept him on a contrarian path. Ever cautious of following the herd, he now lives and writes in the mountains of Wyoming.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780930251543
ISBN-10: 0930251547
Publisher: Bluechip Publishers
Publication Date: October 12th, 2020
Pages: 126
Language: English