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It's Never Too Late: Leading Adolescents to Lifelong Literacy (Paperback)

It's Never Too Late: Leading Adolescents to Lifelong Literacy Cover Image
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It's Never Too Late is a research chronicle that offers not only proven methods but also inspiration. Anyone working with at risk studentsthose for whom school has not been a place of successwill find here a reflection of their own experiences, plus thoughtful and creative strategies for making those experiences positive ones.

When Janet Allen, a respected lecturer, researcher, and award-winning teacher, began teaching in 1972, she was wholly unprepared for the challenges she encountered: motivating the unmotivated, developing a curriculum with no models to draw from, building an environment that supported strategic learning, finding creative resources with limited means, and dealing with reluctant, even rebellious students. More daunting, perhaps, was the challenge of constantly rekindling her own fervor for teaching. But she persevered and found ways to break through those obstacles.

It's Never Too Late is at once a story and a how to book. Readers will find absorbing case studies, photographs, quotes from educators, surveys, activities, and step by-step strategies for teaching reading and writing to the most reluctant middle and secondary school students. Most important, they will find affirmation for the powerful role they play as teachers.

About the Author

After teaching high school reading and English in Maine for twenty years, Janet Allen relocated to Florida, where she currently teaches English education courses at the University of Central Florida. A recipient of the Maine Educator Award and the Milken Foundation National Educator Award, Dr. Allen has always had a special interest in working with students who are at risk in terms of literacy and has spent much of her teaching career researching and working with these students.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780435088392
ISBN-10: 0435088394
Publisher: Heinemann Educational Books
Publication Date: March 20th, 1995
Pages: 218
Language: English