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Bouncing Back: Skills for Adaptation to Injury, Aging, Illness, and Pain (Paperback)

Bouncing Back: Skills for Adaptation to Injury, Aging, Illness, and Pain Cover Image
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Decline in our physical and mental abilities may be due to injury, illness, or chronic pain, or may simply be the results of normal aging. Sometimes changes in ability are gradual enough and minor enough that we adapt to them effortlessly. In other circumstances, however, these ability changes
are more abrupt or more pronounced and pose a real challenge to our coping resources. In Bouncing Back: Skills for Adaptation to Injury, Aging, Illness and Pain, Richard Wanlass shares new research findings and observations of what he has learned in his thirty-five years of helping others adapt to
these changes.

Bouncing Back presents seven modules associated with changes in ability, including self-management, mood regulation, stress and anxiety management, anger and frustration management, relationship management, memory management, and pain management. Exercises follow almost every section to ensure
concepts are understood and practiced. These developed tools provide new resilience skills and strategies to become better at change. They address the specific challenges of the broad and growing population of those learning to adapt to their loss of ability, and should be of aid for the public and
for rehabilitation psychologists and neuropsychologists in their practice.

About the Author

Richard Wanlass is a healthcare professional who has devoted his career to helping his clients make the same types of adaptations taught in this book. Since 1987, he has served as Chief of Psychological, Social and Vocational Services in the University of California, Davis, Medical Center'sDepartment of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, where he also holds the title of Clinical Professor.

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ISBN: 9780190610555
ISBN-10: 0190610557
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication Date: May 1st, 2017
Pages: 232
Language: English